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Design Technology

At Sandwich Junior School, we aim to provide all pupils with a broad and balanced Design Technology (DT) curriculum which prepares them for life beyond primary education.

We encourage pupils to use their creativity and imagination, to design and make a variety of products. By the end of their four years with us they will have been exposed to textiles, construction and cooking based projects, taught through either specific DT lessons or through cross curricular means. Throughout it all pupils are encouraged to become innovators and risk-takers by building on previous years learning.

The DT curriculum combines skills, knowledge and concepts to enable pupils to tackle real problems which are built on every year. It can improve analysis, problem solving, practical capability and evaluation skills. As part of our broad, balanced and creative curriculum we provide pupils with the opportunities DT links to other subjects such as mathematics, science, computing and art, as well as a range of exciting activities during our Themed Weeks such as trying new food, soap carving and making circuits.

We believe that Design Technology promotes pupils' creativity and imagination as they are given the chance to solve real life problems in a variety of contexts. We encourage them to develop creative, technical and practical expertise that is needed to perform everyday tasks. A love of DT will encourage and support pupils in questioning and evaluating how things work, and consider ways to improve the world around them.


d t mission statement.pdf


  • The National Curriculum for DT KS2.
  • Making cross-curricular links, through individual subjects, as well as during our themed weeks, enabling the embedding of scientific thinking and enquiry.

We follow the National Curriculum and make cross-curricular links wherever possible. Here at Sandwich Junior School each class takes part in three Design and Technology topics across the course of the school year. Over the course of the four years, pupils will also study four different designers.

Here are the main projects which pupils encounter over their time here.

whole school d t curriculum map 2022.pdf


Pupils also experience a range of fun and exciting extras during themed week and through cross curricular means.




During DT lessons pupils learn and develop skills which can be broken down into five main areas. These being:

  • Developing, planning and communicating ideas - pupils develop skills in planning and designing functional creations, as well as learn to draw detailed diagrams.
  • Food - pupils learn to prepare food products, as well as taste a range of ingredients and food items to develop a sensory food vocabulary. During our Multicultural Week pupils get to experience a range of food from different countries in the Commonwealth. They weigh and measure using scales and cut and shape ingredients using appropriate equipment. Through cross curricular links with Science pupils also learn about healthy diets and develop an understanding about safety and hygiene.
  • Textiles - pupils make a quality product and develop sewing and decorative skills. In a typical year our very popular sewing club runs weekly, where pupils are taught a range a sewing skills and make things such as poppies for remembrance day.
  • Construction - pupils develop the skills to use various tools to cut accurately and safely, join and combine materials and choose appropriate materials for the purpose.
  • Evaluating - pupils develop their skills of evaluating not only their own designs and products but those of others as well. They use design criteria to make informed decisions and reflect on their work suggesting ways in which it could be improved.



We have a very popular Sewing Club at Sandwich Junior School who were privileged to take part in Sandwich Festival of Trees, where they designed and made the decorations.

Our Values

At Sandwich Junior School, the pupils and staff uphold our Core Values, which are at the centre of our school ethos and all that we do. They were first established by the pupils of our school, who chose specific animals that they felt represented the values and attitudes they should show every day, at school and at home:

The Wolf

Working together as a Wolf Pack, we are a community. Helping peers in difficult times, and celebrating our successes.

The Salmon

We always try our best – showing resilience, we never give up. We are always striving to reach the top and take risks with learning, as that is when we make our biggest leaps forward.

The Eagle

Aiming high to achieve the best we can be, and soaring high to reach our potential.

The Dolphin

When children enjoy their learning, they will achieve more.