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At Sandwich Junior School, we feel it is always important to keep parents informed on the progress and behaviour of pupils at Sandwich Junior School. Therefore, every term there is a form of communication with parents to keep you up to date:

Term 1 – Parent Consultations

(5-10 minute appointments)

Term 2 – Interim Report

(Attendance, behaviour and effort update)

Term 3 – Parent Consultations

(5-10 minute appointments – you also receive your child’s self-written Mid-Year Reflection)

Term 4 – Interim Report

(Attendance, behaviour and effort update)

Term 5 – Open Afternoon

(An opportunity for parents to visit and be guided around the whole school by the pupils themselves, looking at the wide array of amazing work that the children have completed)

Term 6 – End of Year Report

(An in-depth overview of your child’s whole year, along with your child’s self-written End of Year Reflection)

Making appointments with teachers:

We also welcome parents to contact us regarding issues that they are facing, concerns that they have or questions that they may wish to ask. Due to a busy teaching schedule, we request that parents contact the office to make an appointment with a teacher for these discussions, making the subject matter that they would like to discuss clear in advance. Issues of an urgent nature can be brought to the attention of the reception, in which case every effort will be made to address the concern as soon as possible. Messages of less urgency can be passed onto teachers by contacting the office or by writing a note in Home Contact Books, which the child will be required to make clear to the teacher.

Keeping the school informed:

Please be aware - if the home-time routine for a child has changed, such as the person who is to collect them, or how they are getting home, it is extremely important that you let the teacher know with a letter or a note in the Home Contact Book.

If your child is unwell or unable to attend school for any reason, please contact the school office as soon as possible to let us know why they are absent. It is preferable that appointments such as the doctor or dentist are made outside of school hours, however if there is no alternative option, please provide notice to the school by contacting the office, sending in a letter or writing a clear message in your child’s Home Contact Book.

Absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances, which will be considered by the Head Teacher. Family holidays will not normally be approved and will most likely be treated as unauthorised absence. If the Head Teacher feels that parents are failing in their duty to ensure that a child attends school regularly, then penalty notices may be issued; therefore it is important to keep the school informed as to the reason for any child’s absence.

Our Values

At Sandwich Junior School, the pupils and staff uphold our Core Values, which are at the centre of our school ethos and all that we do. They were first established by the pupils of our school, who chose specific animals that they felt represented the values and attitudes they should show every day, at school and at home:

The Wolf

Working together as a Wolf Pack, we are a community. Helping peers in difficult times, and celebrating our successes.

The Salmon

We always try our best – showing resilience, we never give up. We are always striving to reach the top and take risks with learning, as that is when we make our biggest leaps forward.

The Eagle

Aiming high to achieve the best we can be, and soaring high to reach our potential.

The Dolphin

When children enjoy their learning, they will achieve more.