At Sandwich Junior School, we take the wellbeing of our children very seriously and understand that pressures from all aspects of a child’s life can affect their educational progression, social confidence and overall happiness. Therefore, we do everything we can to provide our pupils with methods to deal with anxiety that they may be having difficulty coping with.


Mindfulness is a term given to techniques that we offer to the children which allow them to relax and reduce stress by focusing their minds on calming and relaxing thoughts, whilst putting their anxieties into perspective. Recognised by the NHS as having beneficial outcomes, often it involves giving the mind some time to settle and unwind, by becoming more aware of our surroundings and bodily sensations.


Our teachers take time between lessons to run short mindfulness moments, where pupils are guided through calming thought processes to a background of relaxing music. We have found this highly beneficial in focusing children before beginning lessons and creating a positive atmosphere in class, where children feel safe and comfortable.

Breathing Space

Breathing Space sessions are run by Julie, a mindfulness teacher, who offers the children a wide array of calming strategies. These sessions are sometimes offered to children within lesson times, as well as being offered to upper-school children during their lunch times on most Mondays and Thursdays. This allows pupils who really find the mindfulness techniques helpful to hone these methods of calming themselves and it is also a wonderful social opportunity for building confidence.

Relaxation Methods

  • Glitter jar
  • Body Scan
  • Mindful Eating
  • Sand Mandalas



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